Special Education Safety Course

Manual Youth and Special Needs Course

Youth and Special Needs Program Manual

The Youth and Special Needs Control Certification meets state and federal law requirements to have staff trained at your school. A large part , if not all staff in schools are likely to have physical contact with students, other staff and visitors. This class improves safety and control to an appropriate level for your staffs needs.

In our communities there are the  young and special needs individuals.  Special needs individuals can include those with medical conditions or permanent disabilities.  These conditions can be obvious or more difficult to determine. Consideration for the elderly is also part of this program.Organizations charged with a service function must have consideration towards youth and special needs individuals. When incidents occur where physical control of these individuals is needed, special  knowledge, attitudes and skills are needed.

Eighty percent of crime is caused by people in an altered mental state. For School Resource Officers and  Security Officers responding to people in an altered mental state is a routine activity.  However, there are few programs that prepare protective professionals for these incidents. Recent Department of Justice investigations of municipal police have found this a cause of outcomes resulting and death and injuries.

  • Provides Information on your regions laws regarding physical control of youth and special needs individuals
  • Provides related  Federal Law
  • Provides  management and policy concepts to enhance school response
  • Flexible control skills that consider multiple types of situations
  • Self and group skills training concepts to establish standards for proficiency
  • Concepts to improve documentation and communication